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Ohio Producers log on to NBI driver recruitment, training

Atlanta-based NBI announces that two Ohio based ready mixed producers have agreed to use NBI's recruitment and driver training services. Harrison Concrete in Harrison and Buckeye Ready-Mix in Columbus have outsourced new-driver recruitment and training to NBI.

Driver turnover continues to be a problem for most producers and NBI's approach of "growing you own" makes sense, notes Harrison Human Resources Director Sharon Wray. "We were tired of hiring other companies' problem drivers. We are now bringing in a new breed of driver-one that doesn't come in with bad habits," she says. "Now we have the ability to train drivers now only to operate our trucks in a safe and professional manner, but also to exercise effective customer service skills."

Buckeye Driver Supervisor Cress Jenkins continues: "Without quality drivers, we're dead in the water. They are our lifeblood. We need quality drivers to stay competitive in our marketplace. We decided to try NBI's recruitment and driver training programs because we were tried of hiring drivers that were not safety conscious."

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