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Before NBI came along, we placed ads in our local newspaper for drivers with a clean MVR, says Alan Ramer, Vice President of TCS Materials (part of Florida Rock Industries) in Newport News Virginia. We were lucky if we received 10 calls. Most of the time it was a driver from one of our competitors retreads who had just rolled a truck or failed a drug test. They saw our ad and wanted to apply. We also got calls from over-the-road drivers who thought they wanted to get off the road. Our problem was we gave them a chance. Big mistake! ! We now use NBI and are very happy with the results. Growing your own works!



Big Gross Little Net

Bob Capps, Director of Field Recruiting and Retention for Independence Construction Materials in Malvern, PA is now a believer. We were impressed with the number of calls NBI received (well over 500) during there 2 week recruitment period. They screened and screened and found us candidates who we selected to start training. The candidates they recruited all had a good work ethic, clean background, and a desire to work.

"We started using NBI," said Tom Hawthorne, Vice President of Southern Concrete Materials in Charlotte, N.C. "Our new drivers are the key to the company's success. They're the ones going out of the gate meeting with customers. In the beginning, we were 'rolling the dice' with getting serious candidates. But after NBI established its programs with us, everything fell into place. Our entire approach to getting high quality drivers has changed for the better."


Ennis Jordan, President of All Star Transit Mix in Las Vegas, is sold on NBI. "We can start with a wider base of applicants, funnel down, then skim the best drivers," he says. "This is much better than putting an ad in our local paper saying, driver with experience wanted, must have CDL


Ricky Collins, Safety Manager with Cardinal/Virginia Concrete in Washington, DC is a believer. We are the largest concrete company in this area and are always concerned with critical safety issues. NBI has been providing us drivers since 1998. The drivers they have delivered are much more safety conscious then drivers we have gotten from other sources. They really do preach safety first. 



We were spending way to much time, effort and energy looking for drivers says Dave Mullins, Concrete Manager for Rinker Materials in Seattle Washington. We decided to give NBI a try last year and we are glad we did. We have used their services three times since and the drivers they have delivered are some of the best drivers we have. Our operations in Portland Oregon are now using NBI's program and they are just as satisfied as we are.  


NBI customized a program for our specific needs. We were in the process of changing our driver's compensation to pay by the load and NBI's program helped us implement that program. They have now been to four of our divisions and have delivered to us superior drivers. Bill Roy, President -- Ready Mix USA Birmingham Alabama


We had trucks sitting idle because we couldnt find enough drivers. The ads we placed in the local newspapers just didnt seem to attract the type of drivers we were looking for. We tried NBI's grow your ownapproach and it worked. All our trucks are now being used, every day. Thanks NBI Jeff McWhorter, Director of HR -- Tucco Concrete, Tucker Georgia.



Albuquerque, New Mexico is a small market and we had small needs, says Miles Shiver, General Manager of Duke City Redi Mix, but if you can't find and can't retain good drivers you have a problem. We tried NBI and were very impressed. The drivers they delivered all have great attitudes and perform well on the job. Our customers ask for these drivers by name.  Thanks NBI