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NBI offers a complete program, involving recruiting, training and delivering the very best employee (driver) for your company. A key element of this program is helping you "Grow Your Own." NBI's goal is to help you long term, not just provide a "quick-fix". You should think of our plan as providing an ongoing solution to your needs. We will help build a workplace culture that will continue to enhance and improve performance and profitability.

While we have made our reputation in the Ready Mix Concrete industry, our programs work for anyone who has a fleet of trucks and the need to keep them operating safely, efficiently and profitably. We provide three levels of training:

Level 1 - Recruiting, Screening, Training and Retention

NBI's exclusive Total Resource Development program is designed to deliver to you a new breed of driver; one with high quality personal standards; one who is professionally trained and who will stay on the job. This Four-Step Program assures that we provide you a true asset to your company.

RECRUITING - We recruit candidates who possess the qualities your company values - a stable work record, good work ethics, self-motivation, clean MVR, etc.

SCREENING - We screen candidates to your specifications (verify MVR's, work history and criminal background checks). Only superior candidates will be accepted into NBI's training program.

TRAINING - Customized to your specific requirements and designed to produce qualified, CDL licensed drivers in four weeks. This program is divided into three elements: Classroom, Track and Local Driving.

RETENTION - Perhaps the most important aspect. The program will not be complete without monitoring during and after training to ensure that the fit is a good one. NBI licensed drivers are proven to stay on the job longer.


Level 2 - Continuing Education For Your Current Drivers

This 8 - 10 hour course, performed at your location(s), is designed for all your drivers, regardless of length of service. Driving Up Standards means making certain that everyone is safety conscious and performs at the same level of diligence as the newly trained driver graduate of NBI.

Among the agenda topics are:

*How To Do A Proper PTI
*Basic Accident Prevention
*Customer Relations
*Personal Protective Equipment
*And much more

Level 3 - Training For Your Driver Trainers

This 8 - 10 hour course, performed at your work site, is designed for all current Driver Trainers in your organization as well as any you may be considering to become Driver Trainers. Are your Driver Trainers role models? Are they problem solvers who can successfully convey knowledge? Can they help to develop a new driver's skills? Will they continue the training provided by NBI or undo it? A selection criterion for Driver Trainers is available.

Topics to be covered include:

*Company History & Vision
*How To Evaluate Performance
*Developing Customer Relations
*Promoting Safe Work Habits and many more.