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If you analyze the problem of finding and retaining good drivers, what becomes apparent is simply the lack of dependable, and reliable drivers. When recruiting a new driver, most ready mixed producers will place ads in the local newspaper and wait for the calls. The problem is: who calls!  Usually its one of two groups of individuals. The first are Over-the-Road drivers who think they would like to get off the road. If youre lucky, you might get a few months worth of productivity before they are ready to get back on the road again. (Assuming you can whip the cowboy out of them) The second group of drivers that calls is usually your competitors retreads. You know, someone who just rolled a truck or failed a drug test. Are you going to take a chance with them?

Definition:: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Let NBI Grow Your Own drivers. This is a pro-active approach to hiring and retaining superior drivers. We can customize a recruitment and driver training program that will meet your specific needs