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Employment Opportunites

NBI is committed to the principle of equal opportunity. It is the policy of NBI not to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, or handicap with regard to its students, or employees, or applicants for admission, or employment.

We have opportunities in the following locations:

Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Charlotte, NC
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA 
Phoenix, AZ
Richmond, VA
Tampa, FL
Washington, DC

Job Descriptions:

District Manager – Concrete Operations | Project Manager
Instructor – All Programs | Recruiter

Job Description: District Manager - Concrete Operations

This position is responsible for the implementation, staffing, training, quality control and overseeing of several locations. We provide, to concrete companies, high quality training programs for their ready mix drivers that significantly affects retention, safety and loss prevention. All work is done on site thus position requires some travel. Qualifications: 3 years verifiable ready mix experience with at least 2 years driving mixer experience. Management skills a plus. Excellent opportunity with a growing dynamic company.

Please fax resume and salary history to NBI. Fax # 770-988-8090.

Job Description: Project Manager

Reports To: V.P. of Operations

General Responsibilities: Over-all daily operational accountability for all contract training and customized activities.

Specific Duties:

Ensure daily activities are in compliance with contractual obligations.

Maintain progress in attaining and exceeding targeted goals for contracted or budgeted starts, completions, placements and retention.

Assist in recruiting, hiring and effectively training staff to ensure that the above are achieved. Provide effective and timely performance reviews for assigned staff.

Review and respond to program activities to ensure that on-site accountability is maintained. Retain all such documentation in a manner that can be readily utilized.

Assist in developing and maintaining effective relations with relevant local community organizations, employers and other agencies.

Ensure program staff is aware of their roles in achieving budgeted business goals while maintaining the company's stated purposes.

Provide such technical assistance to assigned staff to attain goals and objectives.

Other duties under the direction of the Institute President as assigned.

Please fax resume and salary history to NBI. Fax # 770-988-8090.

Job Description: Instructor - All Programs

Reports To: Project Manager

General Responsibilities: Accountable for implementation of training curriculum and student retention. Ensures that all program competencies, objectives and measurements are maintained and properly documented. Has responsibility and authority to make recommendations and to enforce policies and procedures relevant to instructional program(s) assigned.

Specific Duties:

Teaches occupational skills and knowledge to provide students with the competency to be an economic asset to the employer.

Develops, plans and organizes class time so that preparation, instruction and clean-up activities can be accomplished within the allotted time.

Demonstrates occupational materials, equipment, tools and processes using teacher-prepared models, mock-ups, sketches, and other instructional aids.

Guides students in selection and performance of appropriate activities.

Provides individual and group instruction appropriate to the needs of the trainees and the requirements of the activities being performed.

Instructs students in the appropriate safety precautions and the safe operation and use of applicable equipment.

Controls the storage, maintenance and use of materials and property to prevent loss or abuse.

Maintains contacts with industry to keep informed of new innovations and job requirements which must be reflected in the curriculum.

Supervises trainees in any out-of-class activities during the assigned working day.

Participates in curriculum and other developmental programs. Attends when appropriate and works with Advisory Committee in the development and implementation of specific programs.

Assists in follow-up and evaluations of programs and graduates.

Evaluates each student's performance, knowledge and skills in course(s) being taught; prepares and maintains appropriate progress reports and retention rates.

Please fax resume and salary history to NBI. Fax # 770-988-8090.

Job Description: Recruiter

Reports To: Project Manager

General Responsibilities: Accountable for the recruitment and enrollment of trainees for assigned training programs sufficient to meet goals and in general ensure relevant goals are maintained.

Specific Duties:

Responding effectively to inquiries (telephone and otherwise) about program.

Setting proper appointments for orientation sessions per scheduled dates, times, etc. and properly documenting same.

Providing effective direction(s) and/or any other appropriate assistance to potential trainees and/or visitor(s) to ensure that booked appointments show within reasonable time.

Conducting such follow-up activities as necessary to achieve Recruitment goals & responsibilities for each class start. Calling no-shows, re-confirming initial appointments, insuring on-going commitment to training.

Building and maintaining effective relations with all staff & any external companies supporting NBI programs.

Maintaining operational knowledge of program requirements and NBI internal policies, procedures and reporting requirements.

Maintaining appropriate ethical standards.

Participate & assist in all in-service training, program reviews, etc. as necessary and/or available.

Other duties as assigned in support of operations.

Please fax resume and salary history to NBI. Fax # 770-988-8090.